Wire EDM Services

Wire EDM services aren’t exactly a new technology. The concept was originally discovered in the 1770s by an English scientist. It was not until the 1970s that EDM was commercially developed, and in the 1980s it began to be distributed and used in the world of machine shops.
Wire EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is an electrothermal production process that removes metal in a very precise way by harnessing the heat of an electrical spark. Precision wire (usually brass) is continuously fed from a spool through precision diamond guides, one above and one below the workpiece. As the wire is powered, it is energized with electricity. The workpiece to be machined, which must be a conductive material, is quality small hole EDM drilling wear parts grounded. The EDM machine moves the wire (or the table that holds the workpiece) on the path to be cut. When the wire almost touches the workpiece, sparks begin to jump between the wire and the workpiece in an extremely fast and very controlled manner. Sparks are microscopic and each spark removes a very microscopic piece of material. Millions of sparks per second are constantly removing material, so that the wire appears to be cutting through the material of the workpiece, leaving a gap or cutting path behind it slightly larger than the wire and in any path than the wire. is programmed to move through the workpiece. material. Dielectric water is constantly fed over the wire and into the space that cools and removes the microscopic melted particles. Used wire, which appears microscopically chopped, is collected on a spool or cut into short pieces to be sold at a metal recycling facility.
The most common wire size used in EDM is 010 “in diameter. The sparks themselves take up space, making the wire bend or cut larger than the wire itself. A 1.010 “diameter wire can leave a cut anywhere from .0106 to .014 wide, depending on the amount of energy used to make the cut. The more energy used to make the cut, the faster the cutter travels. wire and the less precise the cutting path is.
Companies offering wire EDM services have a variety of equipment and options to choose from. Mitsubishi, Agie, Charmilles and Sodik are the main brands of wire EDM machines. Many of these machines work with various wire sizes ranging from 0.0012 “diameter to 012” diameter. Smaller wire sizes allow companies to perform micromachining and very small and complex parts. Wire EDM is capable of producing a wide range of surface finishes. At the rough end of the scale, finishes start around 250 Ra microinches (μ “) and by using multiple trimming passes can go down to 4 Ra microinches (μ”). Many EDM machines can tilt the wire, allowing them to make parts that have a conical shape. Wire EDM machines are also capable of cutting and threading wire automatically, allowing machines to be programmed to make multiple cuts on a part without operator intervention. A hollow stream of high pressure water is fired from the upper wire guide to the bottom, and the wire is fed through this stream until the rollers in the lower head pick up the wire and begin to pull it. With all these automatic functions built into the machines, companies offering wire EDM services often run their machines at night without supervision on long cuts.