Types of mortgage loans

Several types of loans are available today for almost every requirement of the people. Personal loans, home loans, medical loans, etc are some types. Among these, the mortgage loan types are available for home loans.

It is a secured type of loan lent with collateral as immovable property, such as a house, land, factory, etc. Sometimes people invest an amount in property and keep it as collateral for the same loan. Various institutions are good at money lending in Toa Payoh central that provide loans.

Various types of mortgage loan

A mortgage is also known as immovable collateral to get funds. There are different types of mortgages available for homebuyers. Some of these types are:

Conventional loan

A conventional loan is a private institution loan, lent by a private lender. It does not include any governmental interference. Conventional loans have a fixed and higher rate of interest than government-based mortgages.


These types of loans are used to invest in homes or properties. Even if it has a higher rate of interest the final cost is less than other mortgage loans.


Adjustable-rate mortgage

As the name explains, mortgage loans have flexible rates of interest that fluctuate depending on market conditions. In many adjustable-rate mortgages, the interest rates remain fixed and lower for starting years. Thereafter, the interest rate changes for the rest of the tenure.

Fixed-rate mortgage

In this mortgage, you have to pay the same amount of instalment always. This is because of the rate of interest for the whole tenure. Although these fixed loans are given either for 15 to 30 years, some lenders have the flexibility to choose the tenure as per their need and opt for 8 to 30 years.  A fixed-rate mortgage is advised for those who want stable monthly payments and are going to be fixed in a property/home for 5 to 7 years. This mortgage helps in budgeting your monthly expenses.


Jumbo loan

The jumbo loan is for more than common needs. These loans are common in higher-cost areas such as countries like Los Angeles, NewYork, etc. This loan is used to finance expensive investments in homes. Its interest rates are like conventional loans.


Mortgage loans are the most chosen loan type by people seeking to invest in property. Also, this loan works as collateral for the loan. Many types of mortgage loans are available as per the need and capability of the homebuyers. Choose one based on your capabilities to repayment.