Starting Game Development for iPhone

With the advent of the Facebook Games Development Platform, a new platform for online players has evolved. The development of the game on social networking sites is not a new concept on the social networking platform. Sites like MySpace and others also offer online games for social networking enthusiasts. When it comes to Facebook Game Development Services, most Facebook game developers trust ActionScript and Flash. These two programming languages ​​are favorites with developers, since there are not many efficient languages ​​to make interactive games. Some of the popular Applications of Facebook games that have remained from the beginning and are very popular among users, are:

Solitaire de Sam.
Flipcup challenge
Sheep Tycoon.
There are crowds of Flash Facebook API, which you visit can use to make Facebook online games. However, many developers refer to PHP in Flash. With PHP, you can make an invisible iFrame 0x0 on the canvas page to load a PHP script to call all Facebook APIs effectively. This is extremely useful to do the dynamics of the database. For example, if there is a new higher score, you only need to load the script into the iframe. This goes equally well with the Facebook API call or send notifications.

The next step will be to get your friends on Facebook. You can easily do it when you get identifications from friends in PHP and pass it through the game using Flashvars. There is hardly any chance of changing the list of friends while the game is turned on. The method is simple enough. Once the friend’s identification is added to the database, you can do what you want to do with it. Many game developers use the list to show the high scores of your friends. For example, the sheep tycoon works in this way. Show all the high scores of the players with the list.

Many developers can not decide whether they should show high scores within the game or on a separate PHP page. However, most of them prefer the latter, since it is an easier and faster approach. The most complicated section is recording the high scores and globally publishing them for each player. MySQL is the most favorite database of Facebook game developers. Not only can you record high scores, but can also request them according to your desire, such as time, etc., etc. An important problem with the administration of the high and global rand scores is calculating it first. There are several methods to do that. For example, in FlipCup, the database updates the rows of the players when any change is made. The global ranges are recalculated on the score page.

The development of the game on Facebook is gaining popularity with every day that passes, since more and more companies realize their potential in terms of creating brand awareness. Many qualified developers are testing their hands in this technology to take it to the next level. If you also want to get to your users around the world, visit and get a free quote now!

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