Betting on statistics in soccer

Statistical bets in betting are analytical in nature. Therefore, before making a bet of this type, bettors study a variety of indicators that are expressed in numbers. This is necessary to predict the most probable outcome of the selected match. And the more accurate the bettor knows soccer as a sports discipline, the more productive his game is. Statistics help to form tennis predictions to make a successful bet. Today, for many experienced bettors, qualitatively made predictions is a ticket to the world of profitable betting.

Betting on statistics is becoming quite popular, so bookmakers are constantly working to expand markets to attract new customers and please regular ones. Offside, yellow and red cards, fouls, interceptions and many other indicators – all refer to statistical betting.

What a bettor needs to know about betting on statistics

Soccer is one of the disciplines that offers a really large number of statistical betting options. They can be made in both pre match and live mode. To play a productive game based on statistics, it is important to analyze not only the main indicators, but also additional ones that affect the outcome of a bet.

For yellow and red card bets, the refereeing factor should be taken into consideration, so it is important to know which referee will judge the upcoming meeting. For corner kicks, it is necessary to take into account the tactics of the club’s game. For example, the following features of the game lead to corners: the club often attacks through the wings, the team has quite tall players (with the defensive tactics of the game their number decreases significantly). Motivation and the fact of how important it is to win significantly affect the results, and it should not be forgotten.

It is impossible to take into account absolutely all factors, but the most essential and important ones should be carefully studied in order to get a quality prediction. With experience, each bettor chooses a specific niche for himself, in which he becomes a real expert on the peculiarities of the league, the soccer team. During the process, you create your own database, which significantly reduces the time for analysis.

It is impossible to take into account absolutely all factors, but the most To make statistical bets, it is necessary to be well oriented in the players, know their potential and capabilities, as well as understand the features that concern the entire team as a whole. It is important to take into account the basic indicators:

  • winning percentage;
  • the average number of goals conceded;
  • the average number of goals scored;
  • percentage of possession of the ball;
  • the percentage of certain types of shots.

We should not forget about additional indicators. These include the number of goals that were conceded, as well as percentages of successful rebounds, interceptions, kickoffs, blocked shots, crosses and passes. In addition, it may be useful to know the percentage of goals from the total number of shots taken.

After a complete study of the numbers, you should begin to analyze the characteristics of the championship, its importance, refereeing and weather reasons. All of these have a significant role to play.

Betting on statistics in different betting companies: important points

Before placing a bet on statistics it is necessary to pay attention to the rules of bookmakers, because they are different for each. This rule applies to both beginners and experienced bettors, who often forget about this nuance when moving from one betting company to another, due to which there are certain problems. It must be remembered that a new bookmaker means new rules which must be known.

Practice shows that the regulations and the correctness of the calculation of bets are not always clear, each office operates at its own discretion. It is always worth paying attention to those sources of information that are listed on the website of the betting company, it is mandatory to do so before making a bet, not after. In the case where there is no clear understanding of how this or that bet is calculated, it is worth contacting the support team for a detailed explanation.

It often happens that the player uses one source of information in preparation for betting, but the bookmaker, while forming the line, adheres to other rules. This point should always be taken into account.

Beginners also need to be aware of a little nuance: after registering at the betting company website you should not start betting on statistics right away, it is much better to get a great betting market for a month. Only then it is worth betting on statistics. This situation is related to betting limits: the market is not perfect, there is over-insurance in the form of cutting them down

Every player, whether he is a beginner or an experienced bettor, should always realize that betting involves risk. It should be understood that it is impossible to win without a qualitative analysis. Do not forget about cold-bloodedness, constant development and the ability to control yourself in a financial matter. These are the best helpers in the betting game.