Attributes of Somali Pirates

Somalia is a country located beyond Indian Ocean and the Crimson Sea, where by is easy to the native to assault the passing by service provider vessel.

It truly is recognized that Somali pirates typically assault big merchant ships brazenly. And it isn’t Bizarre that Somali pirates have grown to be a heated topic nationwide. Then what is the major attributes of Somali pirate?

1 Weak

Although the Somali usually rob for big assets, only some of them can appreciate a rich lifestyle, and Many of them remain much too weak to feed by themselves and their relatives. The poverty is A very powerful cause to a great number of hijacks.


A large number of Somali pirates are  Muqdisho  insufficiently educated for being civilized plenty of, so These are typically cruel and inhuman. So that you can carry their details, they in no way be reluctant to harm Some others, even to eliminate them.


Pirates normally choose the noon time or dim time to act, Considering that the crew are also worn out at that minute to counter attack. And when they come across warship showing up around them, they are going to prevent the hijack at the earliest opportunity. Even, they’d toss their arms in the sea to prevent exploring.


Corsairs are mostly tiny boat made of fibrous glass or wood, which are hard to detect by radar, Therefore the service provider ship or navy naval vessel fail to acknowledge them successfully. In an effort to reduce the assaults from Somali pirates, modern warship and technological innovation need to be used and also the sentinels should retain in their placement each of the working day.