5 Typical Jobs a Plumber Gets Called Out to Do

Plumbing is present throughout your home mostly in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms as well as basements and wash rooms and basements, however the pipes that supply water to these areas runs across your entire home. Plumbing issues arise often gaskets get dry pipes break and freeze, pipes crack and crack the porcelain, and drains get blocked. Some of these problems aren’t big enough for the homeowner to tackle by themselves, however others require the help of a skilled professional to take proper care ofToronto plumbers.

Here are a few most frequent jobs that plumbers are called in to fix regularly:


Leaks, specifically those in plumbing pipes made of copper, are a challenging task for homeowners to deal with. The majority of leaks will require a part or the entire length to be replaced. This requires using a torch to open the joints prior to removing the damaged pipe, and then returning to the torch in order to close the joint when the new pipe is installed. This is a risky procedure for someone with no knowledge, and it’s typically difficult for novices to create a perfect seal around a joint made of copper and could result in a bigger leak than the one that was present prior to the time of work.

Removal or Replacement of Sinks

Sinks made of porcelain can be difficult to work with They are extremely heavy and difficult to work with. They usually require a plumber for installation or change them. If the sink will be put into the bathroom, a licensed plumber will ensure that the sink is installed correctly, and not be damaged throughout the process. If it is improperly handled, can become damaged or cracked, resulting in an unusable sink. It’s not unusual homeowners to be able to take out an old sink to install the new one, but the probability of them doing so without causing damages to the basin or without any leaks or drips in the connection of the trap is quite unusual. Making it right first time is essential for sinks, and the only way to guarantee that it will be done is to engage an experienced plumber.


Removing toilets is an unpleasant task with soap rings, sewer gases, and people who have no experience in plumbing do not usually go together. To allow the toilet to function properly, the wax ring that was used previously must be removed , and the new one should be properly in place and the toilet has to sit properly with that new one. The bolts need to be securely and evenly secured and the toilet sealed to the floor. If you fail to follow one of these steps, the wax ring you’ve purchased could be damaged and you’ll need return for the store that sells hardware, and begin all over for the new beginning. Removing a toilet is something that should be left to the plumber.

Hot Water Tanks

Tanks for hot and cold water are plumbing jobs for plumbers as they’re big and heavy and are difficult to set up. If there is the absence of a hot tank installed, certain installations require the piping of gas lines or ductwork, then running it to the chimney, and fitting into the new lines of water. Broken hot water tanks tend to be something that an emergency plumber has to deal with because they contain lots of water as well as the continuous flow of water that flows through them. Any repair or replacement of the hot water tank must be handled by a trained professional.

Drain Cleaning

If you’ve encountered a tiny blockage in your bathtub or sink, using a chemical cleaner for your drain could temporarily help however for large obstructions or complete blockages, plumbing services are an absolute necessity. Plumbers are equipped with drain cleaning equipment which homeowners don’t have They have snakes and augers that dislodge large blockages to allow the water to flow freely. The most severe, arduous blockages to drains may require damaged parts of the drain pipe to be repaired and this is quite a large and challenging task even for a skilled plumber, and shouldn’t be attempted by a person without experience.

There are a myriad of situations that arise in our daily lives that need the services of a plumber, the five listed above are a few of the most frequent, however should you encounter any issue with your plumbing system that you’re not certain of how to tackle, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a knowledgeable plumber.

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